Lean Improvement

In today’s world, continuous, rapid and often unexpected changes have become a way of life.

Excellent Lean Improvement SolutionsSuccessful organizations are embracing an organization-wide process of Lean Improvement to adapt to this new work environment. Lean Improvement enables your organization to deliver increasing value to both your internal and external customers.

Both a philosophy and a long-term operational strategy, Lean Improvement focuses on people and systems to ensure that:

  • All activities are value-added
  • Waste has been eliminated
  • Lead times and cycle times are optimal
  • Defects and errors are reduced to appropriate levels
  • Customers are increasingly satisfied with your products or services

High Performance Learning can help you achieve your Lean Improvement objectives— that missing piece to your performance improvement puzzle — to make significant improvements which will have a measurable impact on customers, employees and the bottom line.

High Performance Learning works with clients to create and sustain a culture of lean and continuous improvement. To be consistently effective, Lean methods must be practiced every day at all levels of your organization. Our performance consulting specialists provide comprehensive process improvement programs help you continuously improve performance and are tailored specifically for your individual continuous improvement journey:


Lean Improvement

Learn new skills and techniques such as Value Stream Mapping, 5’s, and others to continually deliver increasing value to your customers.


Six Sigma

Master the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and learn new six sigma tools and techniques.


Process Improvement

Prepare your managers and employees to make key work processes more effective, efficient, and flexible with our process improvement services.


Quality Awareness

Learn how leading global organizations are
 successfully embracing a new organization-wide Quality Improvement Process.


Team Problem-Solving Skills

Apply more than 20 proven problem-solving tools to reduce cycle time, solve and prevent quality problems and increase customer satisfaction.

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