Emotional Intelligence

Managers and employees are routinely conditioned to leave their “emotions” at home believing that we should base our work solely on our intelligence.

Emotions, however, are a fundamental part of who we are and how we function, on both a personal and professional level.

High Performance Learning’s Emotional Intelligence workshop helps participants view emotions in a different way. As the title suggest, emotions are viewed as a form of intelligence, one that can become a source of collaboration, improved productivity and increased effectiveness. This one-day workshop will help managers and employees “increase their emotional intelligence competencies.” Five key competencies covered in this workshop include:

  • Self-Awareness: Without self-awareness, we can be blinded by our emotions and do things or become people we do not want to be.  If we are aware of such feelings and thoughts, we can choose how we will act or react in a given situation.
  • Self-Regulation: When we are angry, we don’t usually make good decisions and often react inappropriately by blowing an incident out of proportion.
  • Self-Motivation: The third competency is to direct the power of our emotions towards a purpose that will motivate and inspire us.
  • Empathy: Emotional Intelligence is also about tuning into the feelings of those around us.
  • Effective Relationships: The fifth competency is about interacting with people successfully and being adept at managing emotional situations to bring about higher levels of innovation and collaboration.
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