Mastering Change

Do Your Employees "Survive" or "Thrive" During Changes in the Organization?

Mastering Change is a one-day workshop that enables individuals and teams to learn new skills that will help them to thrive during times of continuous and rapid change. This workshop provides an excellent introduction for employees and managers who are working in organizations that are undergoing changes of all types and magnitudes. Mastering Change teaches the specific skills and techniques to help individuals move steadily through the five stages of the change process.

Mastering Change builds on an appreciation of the context and process of change. Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will:

  • Assess where they are in each of the five stages of the change process
  • Explore and work through their resistance to change
  • Develop an action plan to not just survive, but to thrive, during the upcoming change
  • Learn a model for choosing where and when to explore and take action
  • Analyze and expand their support network for the change
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