The EAGLES Workshop is a powerful training experience that guides individuals toward personal and professional excellence.

EAGLES provides a rare and inspiring opportunity to pause, look at where you are in life, and create a vivid personal picture of what you want your life to become. The learning that occurs benefits individuals and organizations because it gives employees a chance to explore personal and professional goals and to balance and integrate them with the contributions they make to the company.

Eagles can be tailored to help organizations deal proactively with several critical contemporary issues.

  • Gives employees the core competencies for “sustained employability.”
  • Teaches people how to better balance and integrate work and family life.
  • Helps individuals assume greater personal responsibility for their own career development and the contributions they make to the organization.
  • Develops a high-energy culture of self-reliance.
  • Instills commitment and loyalty by creating a culture that links personal growth and company success.
  • Solidifies a willingness to embrace challenge.
EAGLES Participants:
  • Gain greater understanding of their individual strengths.
  • Have a clearer focus of what they truly want to achieve in their lives and careers.
  • Deal more effectively with personal change and balance of work-life issues.
  • Act with more of the self-confidence and passion needed to succeed in today’s workplace.
  • Take increased responsibility for, and control of, their own lives.
There are seven learning modules to the EAGLES workshop:
  1. “Learning to Soar” —Provides a formula for becoming a confident, empowered employee. Produces the qualities of self-appreciation, vision, purpose, commitment and contribution while showing that everyone has the personal power to achieve great success.
  2. “Appreciating Your Self” —Through self and other assessments, participants begin the process of defining their personal talents, abilities and skills and seeing that life events are taken as key opportunities for growth.
  3. “Creating Your Vision” —Participants clarify their personal visions for the major domains of their lives, and determine the next major milestones or goals that must be achieved along the path toward realizing those visions at work and elsewhere.
  4. “Defining Your Purpose” —Participants learn about the power in a meaningful mission and purpose. Then, with coaching, participants learn how to create a powerful work purpose for themselves.
  5. “Building Your Commitment” —Here participants learn what it means to be committed as well as come to grips with the consequences of commitment. They consistently assess their personal degree of commitment to their work vision and purpose.
  6. “Establishing Your Contribution” —Using reverse visioning, participants determine their contributions to work over their entire career. They then decide what they can and will do to maximize their future contributions at work and enhance the legacy they will leave behind.
  7. “The EAGLES Flight Planner” —Participants are provided with a unique personal development organizer that helps them transfer and reinforce the learning of the workshop to their everyday work lives.
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