Team Problem-Solving

Team Problem-Solving helps your organization meet two vital needs — utilizing team problem-solving skills and creating the right team structure for problem-solving.

High Performance Learning prepares your people to build quality into daily work within their own function or department, and across functions throughout your organization. 

Team Problem-Solving teaches your people how to apply more than 20 tested and proven problem-solving and process improvement tools to reduce cycle time, solve and prevent quality problems and increase customer satisfaction.

Managers and team leaders will learn how to drive and support team problem-solving and continuous process improvement so they can:

  • Form and focus teams on high-priority improvement opportunities
  • Make team meetings and activities highly productive
  • Track the progress of teams as they proceed through the problem-solving process
  • Recognize team achievement and document the impact of continuous improvement activities
  • Use what they have learned to replicate quality advances in all parts of your organization
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