Innovating for Results


Surviving in today’s highly competitive business environment requires organizations to depart from conventional thinking and create a culture of continuous innovation that focuses on results.

To do this, leaders must challenge conservative business thinking, instill a mindset of change and innovation, and provide employees with skillsets and toolsets that work effectively – every time.

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Innovating for Results™ (IFR) is a high-energy program designed to help individuals and organizations move from idea to delivery.

IFR is a wildly creative, and highly interactive program that teaches participants to solve real problems in innovative and positive ways.

Based on more than 20 years of research on innovation, IFR participants learn how to:

  • Practice the methods of the most innovative companies and individuals: Prototype, Iteration, Transformation via Simplicity
  • Collaborate with both experts and novices to develop solutions that work
  • Anticipate the barriers and obstacles they will face, as well as ways to circumvent them
  • Gather the human, financial and/or material resources needed to increase the likelihood of success
  • Apply IFR skills and tools to their own real problem or opportunity

Most importantly, participants leave the IFR workshop armed with a personalized plan to generate real results.


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