Leadership Development

Effective leadership is essential for organizational,
team and individual success.

As your managers are promoted up through the organization, are they prepared to lead others, solve problems and make effective decisions? Is something missing from their skill set or performance that’s preventing them, their team and your organization from getting to the next level?

High Performance Learning provides the missing piece for your organization’s performance improvement puzzle. We work with your leaders, managers and supervisors to assess their leadership and management strengths, improve their skills and teach them how to effectively motivate and lead others. Our Leadership Development training will help them understand what it means to be a leader and how to create and successfully manage in an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Our training is based upon the real world experiences of the participants and provides the opportunity to share experiences and best practices. Drawing upon the group’s collective wisdom, managers bring back new insights and action plans to address your organization’s most urgent leadership and management challenges.

HPL’s Leadership Development Series prepares your managers to address a comprehensive range of leadership and management challenges, including:


High Performance Leadership

eLearning iconDiscover your most effective leadership style and learn how to lead individuals and teams more effectively.


Performance Management

eLearning iconBuild the right leadership skills to set goals, measure, coach and reward performance.

Agile Project Management

eLearning iconLearn how to successfully initiate, plan, execute, control and close important projects on time and within budget.


Leading Effective Meetings

Manage group dynamics and time constraints to keep key meetings focused and achieve your meeting objectives.


Time Management

eLearning iconAssess what it takes to be a high performer and better manage your time and the time of others for greater productivity.


Behavioral Interviewing

Learn how to effectively interview and hire the best talent.