Sales & Customer Service

Connecting with your customers and providing excellent customer service are at the core of your organization’s success in selling products or services and building revenues.

Consultative Selling is about relationships—partnering and building long-term associations with prospective and existing customers. Today’s consultative sales professional is a problem-solver, providing knowledge, expertise, advice and value-added service. He or she must be able to:

  • Recognize problems within the prospective customer’s personal life or business organization
  • Develop needs with the prospective customer, not simply uncover them
  • Provide solutions to their problems, not simply describe the benefits of a product or service
  • Communicate solutions in a format that the prospective customer understands

Listening to, servicing and delighting your customers, are also key to building profitable, long-term relationships. Providing quality customer service will help your to attract and retain loyal customers.

High Performance Learning can help your sales and customer service teams perfect their craft. Our programs and services include:


Consultative Selling

Gone are the days of the “overused sales tricks.” Today’s sales professional is customer-centric, focused on helping customer’s to fully understand their needs…and then showing them how your organization can exceed their expectations.


Sales Coaching

Your sales managers will learn how to improve the sales performance of their sales team through hands-on observation and practical coaching.



Enhances your sales team’s ability to identify opportunities, set long-range goals, develop strategies and execute action plans for major accounts.



Become adept at collaborative negotiating, team and consultative selling strategies to increase sales success.



Learn how to manage, motivate and lead a sales team to maximize sales performance.


Customer Service

Discover how to better listen and delight the customer. Learn how to anticipate customer “care abouts” and provide outstanding customer service, develop customer confidence and build customer loyalty.


Optional Sales Training Modules

The Art of Effective Networking.
Learn how to network both within your organization and outside to make valuable connections and identify new opportunities.

Selling Against the Competition.
Discover how to sell products and service in a competitive marketplace.

Cold Calling.
Overcome the intimidation of cold calling and learn how to navigate past the gatekeepers and reach the real decision makers.

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